Technical Support And Maintenance Policies

Each version of Excelsior JET goes through three lifecycle stages:

Current Offering
Begins on the date of the first commercial shipment of the given version, and lasts until the next version becomes the Current Offering. Only the Current Offering is, well, offered for evaluation and purchase.
End of Sales
Entered when a newer version becomes generally available. All versions that are in the End of Sales stage are fully supported, but are unavailable for purchase and may not get public updates anymore until very late in this stage.
End of Life
Two years after the first commercial shipment*, a version goes into the End of Life stage. Versions that are past their End of Life date are not supported, but public updates remain available for download indefinitely.

* You can find the shipment dates for all Excelsior JET versions in the changelog.


If we have released a newer version during your 90-days evaluation period and you do not want to switch over immediately, let us know at the time of purchase, and we will provide you with a copy of the version that you've evaluated.

Java Version Updates

As Excelsior JET includes licensed code of the Oracle's implementation of the Java SE standard library, its update schedule is synced with the Oracle Java update schedule.

Oracle Java Updates

Once in a calendar quarter, Oracle simultaneously issues a so called Critical Patch Update (CPU) and Patch Set Update (PSU) for the currently supported versions of Java. A CPU contains fixes to fresh security vulnerabilities and critical bug fixes. A PSU contains all of the fixes in the corresponding CPU, as well as additional non-critical fixes. Oracle strongly recommends that all Java SE users upgrade to the latest CPU releases as they are made available.

Refer to Java CPU and PSU Releases Explained for more information.

There are also Limited Updates, which may include new functionality and/or performance improvements. (In the current Java version numbering scheme, Limited Updates have numbers that are multiples of 20 — Java SE 8 Update 20, Java SE 8 Update 40, and so on. But starting with Java 9, the version numbering scheme will be totally different (again).)

Public Excelsior JET Updates

A Maintenance Pack is a cumulative update that contains bug fixes and minor improvements, and may also include support for a recent Oracle's Java Technology update. Maintenance Packs are available at no additional cost to all users of the respective Excelsior JET versions at all times.

We guarantee to issue a Maintenance Pack for the Current Offering version of Excelsior JET every three months, in sync with the Oracle Java update schedule, plus one more Maintenance Pack for each version shortly before it reaches its End Of Life date.

In addition, once a major Java version approaches its End of Public Updates date, we issue a Maintenance Pack for the last version of Excelsior JET based on that version of Java. That Maintenance Pack includes support for the last public update of the said major Java version, which in the current scheme of things would be a PSU.

For instance, 10.5 is the last version of Excelsior JET that supports Java SE 7. Therefore, Excelsior JET 10.5 MP2 includes support for Java SE 7 Update 80, which is the last publicly available Java SE 7 PSU release.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the wait times?

Normally, we issue a Maintenance Pack for the current version of Excelsior JET with support for the latest Oracle Java CPU release in two-three weeks after the latter becomes available from Oracle.

However, at the moment it is impractical for us to work on supporting a Java update in the current version of Excelsior JET when the the next version is already late in its pre-release cycle, as doing so would effectivley double the load on our build/test infrastructure and staff.

Therefore, we guarantee to either update the current version of Excelsior JET to support the latest Oracle Java CPU release in two-three weeks after the latter becomes available from Oracle, or release a new version supporting that CPU release out-of-the-box in four to six weeks.

What about the Limited Updates?

The CPU immediately following the given Limited Update will have included all the improvements and new features introduced in the latter, plus fixes for issues in that new code that may have slipped through Oracle's QA. Therefore waiting for the next CPU release is a safer play. But if there is something in that Limited Update that you or your customers absolutely need right now rather than in a couple of months, we have a commercial service offering for you.

Commercial Maintenance Services

Java Update Support

There are scenarios in which you may need your copy of Excelsior JET to support a Java update other than the latest CPU:

  • Your application is impacted by one of the additional bugs fixed in the latest PSU
  • Your application is impacted by a bug introduced in the latest CPU
  • You want to take immediate advantage of an improvement introduced in the latest Limited Update
  • You are stuck with the previous major version of Java (and hence with a legacy version of Excelsior JET)
  • and so on.

In most situations of this kind, you can order the creation of a Maintenance Pack with support for a specific Java update. For information about pricing and delivery time, please email us which Java SE Update you need us to support in which version of Excelsior JET.

✉ Request Information Now
Make sure to include exact Java SE Update number and Excelsior JET version.

Free Support Services

Access to online self-help tools: tutorials, Knowledge Base, discussion forums, is free. We also gladly accept defect reports from all users. Finally, owners of valid product licenses may always download all public updates for the version(s) they had purchased.

This is the only option for the Standard Edition, which was set free in the end of August 2016. Additional support services for the Professional and Enterprise Editions require purchase of an annual Support Contract.

Support Contracts

Commercial Excelsior JET licenses come with a bundled Support Contract, entitling you to receive technical support and product upgrades for one year. Upon Support Contract expiration, you will only have access to the free services.

Basic Support

Excelsior JET Basic Support offers the following benefits:

  • unlimited email support
  • defect report registration
  • access to Maintenance Packs (cumulative updates including all previously issued hotfixes) and add-ons
  • access to new product versions
  • one named customer contact per support certificate

Standard Support

Excelsior JET Standard Support offers all benefits of Basic Support plus the following:

  • access to all software patches (hotfixes)
  • guaranteed response time: 1 business day

Premium Support

Excelsior JET Premium Support is a comprehensive support option that includes all benefits of Standard Support and offers the following additional privileges:

  • highest priority of support service
  • remote debugging of issues that may not be reproduced in our labs
  • escalation of severe issues to a Senior Staff Engineer or CTO
  • additional customer contact
Custom levels of fee-based support are available upon request.

End of Life

A Support Contract for a particular version of Excelsior JET is only valid until that version enters the End Of Life stage, which happens two years after the initial ship date. To continue receiving services under your Support Contract, you have to switch to a more recent product version.

If you elect to continue using a version of Excelsior JET after its End Of Life, you may still receive some support services on a consultancy basis, at our sole discretion.

Non-Disclosure Agreements

If you encounter a defect in Excelsior JET, our engineers may ask you to provide the bytecode of an application exhibiting the problem, so that they could reproduce it in our lab. A respective non-disclosure agreement(s) may be signed upon your request.

A renewed Support Contract commences from the expiration of the previous support period, regardless of when the renewal was purchased. If you miss the renewal date by more than one year, you have to pay for the upgrade to the latest version.

Support Contract
Service options None Basic Standard Premium
Access to self-help tools
Access to Maintenance Packs
Access to new product versions
Access to hotfixes
Defect report registration
Answers to technical questions
Guaranteed response time
Priority service
Remote debugging
Escalation up to the CTO level
Number of customer contacts - 1 1 2