Update 31-Oct-2018: The roadmap has substantially changed due to the introduction of the new Oracle Java business model earlier this year.

The below is our grand vision of Excelsior JET future. Interim releases improving the overall usability and adding oft-requested features will be added to the roadmap upon scheduling.

Nov'18: Excelsior JET 15.3

  • Switch from the commerically licensed Oracle implementation of the standard Java API to the OpenJDK implementation (details)
  • Support for Spring Boot in the Enterprise Edition and Excelsior JET Embedded
  • Faster JIT compilation
  • Application performance and scalability improvements
  • Support for the July 2018 Java SE 8 CPU release

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2Q'19: Excelsior JET 16

More application performance and scalability improvements.

4Q'19: Excelsior JET 17

Java 11+ support.

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