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Notice Information in this article applies to Excelsior JET versions 2.5 through 4.1. For version 4.5 and above, see article #29.


To enable the use of security providers in JET-compiled applications, their implementing JARs must be handled in a special way, namely they should be packed to the resulting executable as a whole.

An example of using the BouncyCastle security provider [1] can be found in the Supplemental Downloads section.


Typically, security provider APIs check their implementing classes for consistency at run-time. Therefore the original security provider classes should be available to the running application. The JET Optimizer provides an option to pack JARs into executables, which can be used to pack a security provider JAR.

To do this, perform the following steps:

  1. On the "Classes" page of JET Control Panel add the security provider JAR to the classpath and force it into the compilation set.
  2. On the "Resources" page, select that JAR in the resourcepath and select the "Pack entire jar/zip file" button. Note for the users of Excelsior JET 3.7 and below: in Excelsior JET prior to version 4.0 this option is called "Bind with classes".


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