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Notice Information in this article applies to Excelsior JET version 12.0 and above.


From version 12 onwards, Excelsior JET may, after receiving your explicit permission, gather anonymous usage statistics and send it back to Excelsior for examination. It helps the developers gain insights into how the product is being used in the field, prioritize improvement requests, and sometimes catch problems before they bite. No personally idenfiable information nor any information about your programs ever gets collected or sent to Excelsior.


What Gets Sent

Excelsior JET collects, or may collect in the future, the following anonymous information about its usage:

  • Application type: plain Java SE app, dynamic library, Tomcat Web app, etc.
  • Usage of popular libraries, frameworks and containers
  • Build metrics:
    • project size (number of classes)
    • number of builds
    • build initiators: GUI tools, command-line tools, Maven/Gradle plugins
    • build phase timings and memory usage
    • etc.
  • Types and number of build errors and warnings
  • Crash logs of Excelsior JET components, if any

From time to time, it sends the collected information to an Excelsior server via the secure HTTPS protocol.

What Never Gets Sent

Excelsior JET never collects nor transmits any personally identifiable information or information pertaining to your projects, including, but not limited to:

  • Your name, email address, and any other personal information
  • Names of your company, computer, network domain, etc.
  • Names, paths and contents of any files pertaining to your projects: source code, class/jar files, resources, build scripts, build logs, Excelsior JET project files
  • Any files produced by Excelsior JET beside its own crash logs
  • Crash logs, standard output and any other information produced by your application, whether during Test Run, Trial Run, or normal execution.


  1. Technically, we can trace your otherwise anonymous usage report to the IP address of your Internet gateway or proxy. This is true for any and all applications that send data over the Internet, simply due to the way HTTPS and TCP/IP in general work.

  2. An Excelsior JET crash log may contain the command line used to launch the respective component.


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