Free Excelsior JET Licenses

Personal Excelsior JET, Standard Edition licenses are available free of charge.
Authors of publicly available non-commercial Java applications can obtain licenses for the more advanced editions at no cost.

The Standard Edition is the entry-level flavor of Excelsior JET. It only generates 32-bit code, is not available for OS X, and does not include any advanced features. Still, it is good enough for the less demanding usage scenarios and even had a few paying customers back in the day.

We ceased sales of Excelsior JET, Standard Edition in August 2016. Instead, we now offer free personal licenses for that Edition to all prospects who opt in when evaluating Excelsior JET. Those licenses are perpetual and permit commercial use, with the same restrictions as the paid licenses. You may find the full terms of this offer on the Excelsior JET Evaluation Downloads page.

Does My Project Qualify?

To qualify, your project must not directly or indirectly support any commercial efforts.

You can begin the qualification process by answering this simple question:

Is your project non-commercial in nature?

Yes No Not Sure

Further qualification criteria depend on which Excelsior JET edition you want to license (compare editions):


No further criteria!

Simply opt in to receive a free copy when downloading the Excelsior JET Evaluation Package.

Caveat: Not available for OS X.

* Usage of our official badges is encouraged but not mandatory.

Your write-up and/or co-marketing effort has to be coordinated with and endorsed by Excelsior beforehand. Please contact us before committing to any such activity.

x We reserve the right to reject any otherwise qualified project at our sole discretion, as well as the right to approve any project that is not fully qualified. Email us if in doubt.
Does my project have to be open-source?
Not at all. Authors of free closed-source software are welcome to apply for sponsorship, whereas commercial open-source vendors need to purchase a commercial license.
Do open-source projects qualify automatically?
No. For instance, many commercial companies finance open-source projects in order to generate revenue. They can surely afford a commercial Excelsior JET license if they decide it would add value.
Is the Excelsior JET license GPL-compatible?

Unfortunately, no. Even though the Excelsior JET Runtime includes the Java SE API implementation from OpenJDK, licensed under the GPLv2 with the Classpath Exception, it also includes our own proprietary code under a license that is not GPL-compatible.

We suggest you to release the natively compiled binary under a different license, pointing out that the source code is available under the GPL. You would however need the consent of all contributors.

Is accepting donations considered non-commercial?
Yes, provided that donors do not receive any benefits such as feature unlock or ads removal in return.
My project is not purely non-commercial, but I saw the Standard Edition is free now, can I use it?
Sure, but you won't be eligible to receive support.
I use third party ads to support my project. Can I qualify for a free license?

It depends on the amount of revenue generated from those ads, though we admit it is difficult to draw the line. We'd say that a project is non-commercial if the revenues generated from ads do not go into authors' pockets, but are spent on the project - hosting, equipment, etc., or donated to charity.

Then, we do not like adware, but a reasonable amount of relevant advertisement on the project's Web site is OK.

What about the shareware authors? My product is yet to break even...
Many authors have found that offering a natively compiled version of their application increases both the number of downloads and the conversion rate. However, we understand that the upfront cost is way too high for a typical shareware author, so please check out our Microbusiness Licensing Program.
My product has a free version and a paid version. Can I still qualify?
See the previous answer.
Do internal projects (i.e. those never released to the general public) qualify?
Yes, they may qualify, provided that your organization is non-profit and secular. Otherwise, if the resulting software will be used in the business context, in other words, will help your employer, customer, partner, etc., make or save money, then a commercial license is required.

Email us a brief summary of your project and the anticipated benefits from your use of Excelsior JET. Make sure to include the project URL, if applicable.