According to the Gift of Life foundation, in Europe and the United States
80% of children diagnosed with cancer survive.

In Russia fewer than 70% do.

Because the only difference is money, we can do something about it.

The 2015 campaign is over. You may wish to see the final results.

You: Paid what you can for an Excelsior JET license.
Standard Edition, no support, commercial use permitted (Yeah!)

We: Donate the net price to the Save Life Foundation on your behalf.
Save Life is a local charity that helps children and young adults fight cancer.

“Save Life” Foundation logo

The time frame was March 19 – August 31, 2015. Refer to the FAQ for further details.

in net proceeds in total
($3,000 already transferred to Save Life)

most generous donation

I have never heard of Excelsior JET before. What is it?

Excelsior JET is a tool that Java developers use to protect their applications against decompilation and tampering. It also improves the end user experience through faster application startup, smaller footprint, and simplified installation.

From the technical standpoint, Excelsior JET is a compliant Java SE technology implementation enhanced with an ahead-of-time native code compiler and deployment toolkit. The AOT compiler takes your jar and class files as input, compiles them down to optimized native code and emits a conventional Windows, OS X, or Linux executable. The deployment toolkit helps you create an installation package containing that executable and the neccessary runtime files.

You can learn more about Excelsior JET here.

What are the non-discounted, list prices?

Excelsior JET comes in three Editions: Standard, Professional, and Enterprise (comparison), bundled with one year of technical support and upgrades. It is available separately for Windows, OS X* and Linux. List prices range from $1,500 for the entry-level Windows-only package to $24,000 for the ultimate tri-platform Enterprise Edition bundle with Premium Support.

That said, there is a discount program for microISVs, independent professionals, and other small businesses, and public non-commercial projects can qualify for free licenses.

* The Standard Edition is not available for OS X.

That's a discount of well over $1,000 from the list price. What's the catch?

There is no catch. We are trying to raise money for charity.

For your money, you get a single-user perpetual Excelsior JET, Standard Edition license for the platform(s) of your choice (Windows and/or Linux), commercial use permitted. The delivery is electronic.

You also receive the download instructions for all updates (Maintenance Packs and Java version support add-ons) for the version of Excelsior JET you have purchased.

Well, okay, there is one catch. Support is not included (but see next question.)

What exactly do you mean by “without support”?

Please do not get us wrong here. We want you to use our product, and we want your use to be productive and pleasant. At the same time, we want to avoid making promises that we may be unable to keep. Therefore:

  • You will receive the public updates — Maintenance Packs and Java version support add-ons — throughout the lifecycle of the respective Excelsior JET version.
  • You are more than welcome to report crashes and other serious bugs in the product. Just make sure to reproduce them with the latest updates installed.

However, our ability to respond to your support requests in a timely manner may be quite limited. Should you have any questions or product installation and usage, post them to the forums, as you may get help from the community faster. (Search the forums first — you may be not the only one encountering a particular problem!)

Can I target embedded systems with these bundles?

No, even if you pay the full list price of the most expensive edition. Only Excelsior JET Embedded is licensed for embedded use.

How long will the offer last?

The timeframe was March 19 to August 31, 2015. We intend to resume the campaign in the future, but the exact dates are not known yet.

How do I pay?

These transactions are handled by our e-commerce provider, which accepts credit cards and PayPal in most countries. Additional payment options may be available in selected countries.

I am with a company/team, can we get multiple licenses?

Sure. Just adjust the quantity in the order form.

How do I upgrade to new versions of Excelsior JET?

If you donate $50 or more to our cause, you will receive a free upgrade to Excelsior JET 11, which will ship later in 2015.

A purchase of a smaller Charity Bundle does not entitle you for upgrades, but you will be receiving all public updates (Maintenance Packs and Java version support add‑ons) for version 15.3 until its End Of Life.

For the avoidance of doubt, you can only get a free upgrade to version 11. You may have to pay the full license price to upgrade to a subsequent version, unless you qualify for our long-term discount program.

How do I upgrade to the Professional or Enterprise Edition?

Non-commercial public projects can qualify for a free license.

For commercial use, you will have to pay the full license price. That said, if you are an independent professional or a small company, you can qualify for a discount.

Who is eligible to enter the OS X version draw?
Anyone who donates $50 or more can win a copy of Excelsior JET 15.3, Professional Edition for OS X.
How many prizes will be available?

We will hold a draw for one copy of Excelsior JET 15.3, Professional Edition for OS X per each $5,000 raised, with the total rounded to a muliple of $5K when the campaign ends. By way of example only: if we raise $7,499.99 in total, the draw will be for one copy, but one cent more and there will be two winners.

Only those who donates $50 or more per license enter the draw (i.e. if you buy five licenses for $10 each, you do not qualify.)

Why cannot I donate more and get the Standard Edition for OS X?
There is no 32‑bit version of Excelsior JET for OS X and hence no Standard Edition for that platform.
Should I buy a Charity Bundle or download the Evaluation Package?

If the Standard Edition has all the features you need, buy a Charity Bundle and begin using the Standard Edition right away, whether for commercial purposes or not.

However, to fully evaluate Excelsior JET we recommend that you download the Evaluation Package. It has all features of the Enterprise Edition, but is limited to an evaluation period.

Please refer to the Feature Matrix for a complete list of differences between Excelsior JET editions.

My project is non-commercial, should I buy a Charity Bundle or apply for a free license?

Free licenses are available for public non-commercial projects. If you are making something for yourself, family, or friends, but do not (intend to) publish the results of your work, go for a Charity Bundle.

Why don't you just make it free?

Our desire to help a local charity aside, we want to attach a bit of responsibility to the transaction and measure the real interest in our product. People often download free software and never use it.

Are these product versions limited in any way?

The offered products have all features of the Standard Edition sold at full price. The license is perpetual, so they will not expire, nor will the compiled applications.

Can I purchase support separately later?

No, you would have to buy an entire license+support bundle. We offer substantial discounts to small companies, though.

Where will my money ultimately go?

Excelsior will donate to charity the net proceeds, i.e. the amount of your payment sans taxes and processing fees charged by our e-commerce provider. We have selected the Save Life Foundation as a single beneficiary. It is a local charity that helps children and young adults from our region, whose families cannot afford treatment for cancer and other life-threatening illnesses.

Why Russia?

Because Excelsior is a 100% Russian company, situated in an academic town near the city of Novosibirsk, Western Siberia.

How can I donate more to your cause?

If you are based in Russia, please visit the Save Life web site for the entire list of available options.

If you are outside of Russia, you can donate to Gift of Life using PayPal or wire transfer. Optionally, you can specify that the desired beneficiary is the Save Life Foundation in Novosibirsk.

2014 $6,473 $300 Report
2013 $8,290 $200 Report
2012 $5,690 $100 Report