Case Study: MSSQLTracker

By: Ben Dawson
Author, MSSQLTracker
United Kingdom
April 2015

MSSQLTracker is a modest Java‑based application that was developed with the aim of simplifying the management of SQL Server, helping to enforce standards and acting as a training aid.

MSSQLtracker attempts largely at reducing the effort and expense of managing a mature DBMS with an ever expanding set of features by centralising the main management functions. With real time key performance indicators and database\instance properties, users can get to the heart of how SQL Server has been setup and is currently running in far less time than with some of the native management interfaces.

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Underpinning the application is its support of open source technologies and central to this is Tomcat. Because of the type of service MSSQLTracker provides and its distributable nature, we had to find a way of protecting our code base.

Investigating further to find a suitable solution for this, it soon became evident that the only provider with these capabilities and support for Tomcat was Excelsior JET.

Using Excelsior JET to compile Tomcat with our web application into native code, means our Java classes cannot be tampered with, thereby safeguarding our intellectual property.

Feedback from the community so far has been positive. Read what some users have to say about the product:

"Keeping on top of maintaining SQL Server in a large environment is a constant challenge, but with MSSQLTracker I can get to what I need to know effortlessly. Highly recommend."

— Chirag Parikh, Senior DBA, vanquis Bank

"We have been trialing MSSQLTracker with a view to adding to our suite of monitoring tools and the results have been very positive. MSSQLTracker has radically shifted the time our DBAs spend performing the various aspects of their job when it comes to managing SQL Server. I will no doubt be recommending."

— Quang Nguyen, Technical Architect, Harvey Nash.

Excelsior JET is a very important part of our mission.