Case Study: EasyMonitoring®

By Baptiste Gendron
President, Global Vision Systems

We are a software company developing an advanced real-time 3D visualization product based on Eclipse RCP framework. Our product is also used as a base for developing customer tailored plug-ins for analyzing 3D and real-time data. These make our RCP application to have two main characteristics:

  • we are mixing technologies: OpenGL, C++ and Java
  • we have loads of plug-ins with many entry points

We have been testing Excelsior JET 6.5 from its first beta versions and it has revealed to be perfectly working with such a complex RCP application as EasyMonitoring®.

We are mainly using it to protect the source code against reverse engineering, and to improve the ease of use through not having to deploy the JRE. This is really appreciated by the customer and the support team that no longer has to deal with JRE versions.

We are amazed by what the Excelsior team has achieved and we highly recommend to use their product for deploying RCP application in a secure and easy way.