Case Studies


“...Because of the type of service MSSQLTracker provides and its distributable nature, we had to find a way of protecting our code base. Investigating further to find a suitable solution for this, it soon became evident that the only provider with these capabilities and support for Tomcat was Excelsior JET.”

--Ben Dawson, MSSQLTracker Author, UK

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“...Excelsior JET has revealed to be perfectly working with such a complex RCP application as EasyMonitoring... We highly recommend to use the product for deploying RCP application in a secure and easy way...”

-- Baptiste Gendron
Global Vision Systems

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Smart Positioning Architect

“In spite of any software could be hacked, the objective must not be to avoid the piracy at any price, but rather to develop useful programs without annoying anti-piracy systems. This fact despite of being so logic and simple sometimes is forgotten. In our case, a long time ago we started developing Smart Positioning Architect, a RTLS desktop application…”

--Mikel Hernando,
Software Engineer,
Onendis Systems

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OC Rosetta®

“...Excelsior JET represents the best (and possibly only available) solution, capable to protect not only Eclipse RCP and OSGi based applications, but also those that rely on the modeling technologies available in the Eclipse platform.”

-- Victor Roldan Betancort
Open Canarias S.L.

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GMDSS Simulator

“...we successfully employed Excelsior JET in a quite complex application consisting of a client/server framework connected with an in-house written UDP protocol mechanism.”

-- Helge Fredriksen
Poseidon Simulation AS

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Tofino Central Management Platform

“Anyone who has worked on a Java project based on the Eclipse Rich Client Platform (RCP) knows how powerful and valuable RCP can be. Unfortunately not all developers realize that there is little protection for their code and embedded resources in the deliverable content they distribute. With the abundance of knowledge and tools for Java disassembly in existence, anyone can obtain a detailed understanding of the inner workings of and intellectual property contained within a RCP application with very little effort...”

-- Eric Byres, Chief Technology Officer and Michael Thomas, Lead Developer,
Byres Security Inc.

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Lock Up Your AMIs

“...we have been able to successfully protect our intellectual property in our enterprise application iExperiment in a public Amazon Machine Image, allowing groups interested in valuating iExperiment to quickly get up and running with it on Amazon Web Services.”

--Marc Whitlow, President & CEO,
Colabrativ, Inc., USA

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