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Excelsior JET, Professional Edition for Windows with 1 Year of Standard Support

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Notice Early-stage startups, microISVs, and other very small businesses qualify for a discount.

Where did the Standard Edition go? Find out here.
  • Excelsior JET is available in three editions: Standard*, Professional, and Enterprise. (compare)
  • Versions for Windows, OS X, and Linux are sold separately and do not support cross-compilation, so a discount applies when you buy a multiplatform bundle.
  • You need to purchase a separate license for each developer workstation or build server on which you want to install Excelsior JET.
  • There are no runtime royalties, i.e. you can optimize and package any number of applications and distribute them in any number of copies, provided those applications are designed to run on general purpose desktop computers or servers and are not bundled with devices that provide dedicated functionality.
  • All Excelsior JET licenses are perpetual and come with a one-year Support Contract. The Support Contract includes free upgrades and is renewable on an annual basis.

* The Standard Edition is no longer available for purchase. Here is why.

The Excelsior JET Runtime License prohibits deployment to, and bundling with, embedded systems. If you are a device manufacturer, check out Excelsior JET Embedded.

Notice The Standard Edition is not available for OS X.

Capability ↓
Editions →
Ent Pro Std
Generates 64-bit (x64) native executables
Protects plain Java SE and JavaFX applications from decompilers

These are just the major differences. Refer to the Feature Matrix for an exhaustive list.

Microbusiness Licensing Program

MicroISVs, early stage startups, and other very small businesses employing just a few software engineers may purchase Excelsior JET licenses at reduced prices.

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Non-Commercial Use

We gladly provide Excelsior JET licenses at no cost to authors of free, non-commercial Java applications that meet a few simple qualification criteria.

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What payment methods are available?

Our e-commerce providers accept all major credit cards and PayPal in most countries. Bank/wire transfers are also widely accepted.

Other payment methods, such as checks, money orders, and national payment systems are available in selected countries.

If you can pay by bank/wire transfer, you can opt to pay direct to us and receive a small discount, which may be enough to offset you bank's wire transfer fee.

Once I make the payment, when will I receive the product?

If you pay online, you will receive the download instructions for the full version by email as soon as your payment clears. Unless your order triggers a fraud check, this takes just a few minutes. Make sure to specify a valid email on your order and check your Junk Mail box.

If you pay by wire or send a check in the mail, allow for one extra business day for manual order processing.

Do you accept Purchase Orders?
Yes, we gladly accept Purchase Orders from businesses, government agencies, academic institutions, hospitals and other reputable entities. Please note, however, that there is no direct equivalent of a Purchase Order in our jurisdiction at the moment. As a result, we currently require prepayment on all Purchase Orders. If this is not acceptable to you, please feel free to order through your favorite reseller.
Can I request a written quote?
Sure. Email us at with the exact name of the product you want to purchase, number of licenses and the information you need to be present on the quote — your name, company name, address, phone number, any reference numbers, etc.
What is the deadline for lagged Support Contract renewals?

The new support period begins where the previous one left off. So you can renew your contract on the 365th day since its expiration, but it would be valid for that very day only. (You would receive the previously released upgrades though.)

If the renewal is past due by more than one year, you have to purchase an upgrade.

By way of example, suppose you bought Excelsior JET 11.3 on December 15th, 2016. Your purchase included one year of support and upgrades, so you also received version 12 in July 2017 at no extra cost, but not version 14 that shipped on Dec 25, 2017, ten days after the expiration of your Support Contract.

Suppose you then decided to wait, and only renewed your Support Contract in April 2018 upon trying the early access build of Excelsior JET 15. You immediately received your upgrade to version 14. Nevertheless, your renewed contract spans from Dec 16, 2017 to Dec 15, 2018.

Can I spread a multiplatform bundle purchase over time?

Yes. If you have an Excelsior JET license with an active Support Contract for one platform, you can add a license for another platform by paying the difference between then current prices.

For example, all Excelsior JET for OS X SKUs are 1.5 times more expensive than their counterparts for Windows, but the dual-platform bundles cost just 2x more than the version for Windows alone. Therefore, if you already own a license for Excelsior JET for Windows and your Support Contract for that license is active at the moment, adding the version for OS X would only cost you 2/3 of its list price.

Notice The expiration dates of your new and existing Support Contracts will be synchronized.

In the above scenario, the common Support Contract expiration date will be set at the midpoint between the would-be expiration date of the new Support Contract for the OS X version and the expiration date of the existing one for the Windows version.

I have a license for the Standard Edition that you no longer sell, what do I do now?
You can now opt in to receive a personal license for the Standard Edition at no cost when evaluating Excelsior JET. You are also eligible for an upgrade to the Professional Edition, free or discounted depending on the expiration date of your Support Contract. Head over to the Standard Edition Set Free section above for details.

The Standard Edition is the entry-level flavor of Excelsior JET. It only generates 32-bit code, is not available for OS X, and does not include any advanced features. Still, it is good enough for the less demanding usage scenarios and had a few paying customers.

We ceased sales of Excelsior JET, Standard Edition effective August 31, 2016. Instead, we now offer free personal licenses for that Edition to all prospects who opt in when evaluating Excelsior JET. Those licenses are perpetual and permit commercial use. You may find the full terms of this offer on the Excelsior JET Evaluation Downloads page.

If you own a commercial license for Excelsior JET, Standard Edition, you may either keep using it or upgrade to the Professional Edition. In either case, we will continue providing support to you until the expiration of your current Support Contract, if any.

Upgrade Conditions

If your Support Contract for the Standard Edition expired on or after November 02, 2016, you can upgrade to Excelsior JET 11.3, Professional Edition at no cost.

If your Support Contract for the Standard Edition expired between August 31, 2016 and November 01, 2016, you can upgrade to Excelsior JET 11.0, Professional Edition at no cost.

Notice If you choose to upgrade to the current version, the cost of renewing your Support Contract in the future will increase accordingly, unless you are an individual or a small company eligible for our discount program.

Email us at to confirm your edition upgrade conditions.