AOT Compilation of Spring Boot: Behind the Scenes

The recently released Excelsior JET 15.3 has introduced out-of-the-box support for Spring Boot applications. Turning your Spring Boot jar into an optimized native binary has become as easy as adding a few lines to your pom.xml/build.gradle or invoking the command: jc MySpringBootApp.jar where jc is the Excelsior JET AOT compiler. In this article, we would …

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Java 9 Modules: The Duke Yet Lives That OSGi Shall Depose

I will be speaking at JavaOne for the first time today! In the meantime, watch my previous talk “Java 9 Modules: The Duke Yet Lives That OSGi Shall Depose” that I gave at JavaZone 2017 in Oslo recently. (Slides are here.)

Errata: The phrase “OSGi does not help to avoid loading constraints violation” at 24:24 is not correct. OSGi has the “uses constraints” feature to address the problem, though that feature itself has its own drawbacks. For instance, it is not mandatory in OSGi, so a developer may describe “uses constraints” inappropriately in the bundle manifest file and get the LinkageError only at run time.