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Excelsior JET Embedded 11.3 Adds Support for Linux/ARMv7.

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On the market since the year 2000, Excelsior JET is a compliant Java SE technology implementation, designed from the ground up around an optimizing Ahead‑Of‑Time (AOT) Java to native code compiler.

Excelsior JET Embedded 11.3, released on October 15, 2016, supports Java SE 8 on 32‑bit ARMv7 devices running Linux.

Future versions will add support for 64-bit ARMv8 and, possibly, operating systems other than Linux.

Excelsior JET Optimizer Diagram


Excelsior JET Embedded 11.3 for Linux/ARM has passed the official compliance tests (JCK) and certified Java Compatible. It includes the reference implementation of the Java SE Platform API, licensed from Oracle.


As you might expect, the first ever release of Excelsior JET Embedded for ARM will be less versatile than its more mature siblings targeting Intel platforms:

  • Even though it targets Linux, Windows will be the only host platform.
  • Only 32-bit ARMv7 CPUs with VFP3-D16 floating-point hardware extension (armhf) will be supported.

If this does not match your host and/or target environments, kindly share your requirements with us:


Excelsior JET Embedded 11.3 for Linux/ARM shipped on October 15, 2016 and is available for evaluation and purchase.

Our work on the Linux/ARM port of Excelsior JET Embedded was supported by a grant from the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises (FASIE).

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