Java 7 Support Has Arrived.

Java SE 7!

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New And Noteworthy

Support for Java SE 7

Java SE 7 Update 40 is supported out of the box, later updates will be supported through add-ons, as usual.

New Platform

Linux x64 is added to the list of supported platforms.

Other improvements

Stack trace printing is now enabled by default, so as to improve the de-facto compatibility with other Java implementations.

New And Improved in The 64-bit Version

  • Linux support
  • Compilation time reduced by 10% on average
  • Compiler memory footprint 3x lower
  • Application performance improvements:
    • 1.2x improvement of SPECjvm2008 composite score
    • 1.6x to 2x higher performance of selected tests from EEMBC and DaCapo benchmark suites.

Still Missing in The 64-bit Version

  • More compiler optimizations
  • Startup Optimizer and Startup Accelerator
  • Global Optimizer, and hence Java Runtime Slim-Down
  • Generation of trial versions

Also, Excelsior Installer is available in the 64‑bit Linux version starting from 9.0 Maintenance Pack 2.

We do intend to port all these features over.

Looking for the 64-bit trials?

As some important features are missing in the 64-bit version, we recommend that you evaluate the 32-bit one unless:

  • Your application requires a large heap,
  • You need to integrate it with 64-bit native libraries, or
  • You need it to run on 64-bit-only systems

Okay, got it, now just show me the download links

Free Upgrades

If your Support Contract was active as of December 26th, 2013, or you have purchased Excelsior JET 8 after that date, you should have received the download instructions for version 9 by email.

If those instructions are neither in your inbox nor in your Junk Mail folder, email us at

Support Renewal

If your Support Contract has expired before December 26th, 2013, but less than a year ago, you can still renew it and receive an upgrade to Excelsior JET 9.

Renew Now

Notice A renewed Support Contract commences from the date of the previous contract expriration. You may wish to renew it for two years so as to get Java 8 support and other goodies at the lowest possible cost.

Full Upgrade

If your Support Contract has expired more than a year ago, you can purchase an upgrade to Excelsior JET 9 at 75% of the list price.

Upgrade Now

At last, we have caught up with Oracle in terms of Java version support, but this race will never end — Java 8 is scheduled for March 2014!

Here are the major items from our to-do list:

  • Support Java 8 on all platforms shortly after it becomes available
  • Add important optimizations and x86 support to the new AOT compiler
  • Port the remaining delayed features to the new compiler

Stay tuned!

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