The Number of Garbage Collectors in Excelsior JET Has Doubled.

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SPECjbb GC Pauses Chart

New And Noteworthy

CoreBalance™ Garbage Collector

CoreBalance, a brand-new parallel garbage collection algorithm that we have been working on since 2008, is now available in the Enterprise Edition of Excelsior JET. CoreBalance effectively utilizes available CPUs and cores to reduce both the average and maximum GC pause times.

Support for Eclipse RCP 4.4 (Luna)

Huge changes in OSGi precluded us from releasing this earlier in a maintenance update.

OS X 10.10 Support


64‑bit Excelsior JET, Professional and Enterprise Editions are now available for the latest version of Apple's desktop operating system.

New And Improved in The 64-bit Version

  • Trial generation, ported over from the 32‑bit version, is now available on all platforms, including OS X.
  • Smaller, faster executables

Still Missing in The 64-bit Version

  • More compiler optimizations
  • Startup Optimizer and Startup Accelerator
  • Global Optimizer, and hence Java Runtime Slim-Down

We do intend to port all these features over.

OS X Logo

Excelsior JET 11 for OS X
(64‑bit, 172 MB)

If you are new to OS X, make sure to read this Knowledge Base article:
HOWTO: Package Your Natively Compiled Java Application as An OS X Application Bundle
Linux Logo

Excelsior JET 11 for Linux
(32‑bit, 159 MB)

Linux Logo

Excelsior JET 11 for Linux
(64‑bit, 179 MB)

Note: Some parts of 64-bit Excelsior JET 10 for Linux require 32-bit libraries.
Make sure to read the installation instructions.

32-bit vs 64-bit

Which version to evaluate: 32‑bit or 64‑bit?

As of version 11, 32‑bit Excelsior JET provides more features (see Release Notes below), and often delivers better application performance, but the final choice depends on your target platform(s):

Windows: 32‑bit executables install and work normally on 64‑bit Windows systems, so if Windows is your sole target, evaluate the 64‑bit version only if your application requires a large heap and/or needs to integrate with 64‑bit native libraries.

Linux: Installation of 32‑bit libraries on 64‑bit Linuces is often cumbersome, so you may need to provide both 64‑bit and 32‑bit Linux builds to your end users.

OS X: The OS X version of Excelsior JET is 64‑bit only, so you don't really have a choice.

Windows Logo Linux Logo

Excelsior JET Embedded 11
(requires registration)

Click here for installation instructions

Free Upgrades

If your Support Contract was active as of Feb 03, 2015, or you have purchased Excelsior JET 10 after that date, you should have received the download instructions for version 10.5 by email.

If the download instructions for your free upgrade and/or the special offer are neither in your inbox nor in your Junk Mail folder, email us at

Support Renewal

If your Support Contract has expired before Feb 03, 2015, but less than a year ago, you can still renew it and receive an upgrade to Excelsior JET 10.5 at no extra cost.

Renew Now

Notice A renewed Support Contract commences from the date of the previous contract expiration. You may wish to renew it for two years so as to ensure that you will get Java 8 support and other goodies at the lowest possible cost.

Full Upgrade

If your Support Contract has expired more than a year ago, you can purchase an upgrade to Excelsior JET 10.5 at 75% of the list price.

Upgrade Now

Discounts applied to multi-platform Excelsior JET bundles ever since we added Linux support back in the day. You could also purchase Windows and Linux licenses separately and still get the same discount. That policy is now generalized as follows:

If you have an Excelsior JET license for any platform(s) and an active Support Contract for that license, you can purchase a license for another platform by paying the difference between the current prices of the respective SKUs. Example

Example Suppose you own a license for Excelsior JET, Professional Edition for Windows and have an active Standard Support Contract. If you were to purchase such a combo today, it would cost you $3,000, whereas the price of the respective Windows + OS X bundle is $6,000. So you only need to pay $3,000 to add the OS X version, instead of its list price of $4,500.

Expired Contracts

If your Support Contract has expired, you first need to renew it or purchase an upgrade. See the Upgrade Eiligibility section above for details.

Microbusiness Licensing Program

If your business still meets Program's criteria, and your tier includes support contract renewals, you can buy Excelsior JET for OS X at the same discount. Both Professional and Enterprise Editions are available, with Basic or Standard Support.

Here are the major items from our to-do list:

  • Support Java 8 and JavaFX 8 on all platforms
  • Add more optimizations to the new AOT compiler
  • Port the remaining delayed features to the new compiler

Stay tuned!

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